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Seniors Seeking to DownSize

Senior Real Estate Services

Embarking on a new chapter in life is both exciting and daunting, especially when it comes to downsizing and transitioning to a more manageable living space. At TruSite Realty, we understand that this pivotal moment isn't just about finding a new house; it's about curating a lifestyle that fits seamlessly into this next phase. Our goal is to eliminate the guesswork of real estate for seniors looking to downsize and help you find a home that embraces comfort, convenience, and a vibrant community. Let us help alleviate the stress of this journey so that you can focus on the joy and possibilities that lie ahead.


Here are some of the services available to help you prepare for this exciting journey:

A 60-Minute No-Obligation Meeting:

For those who want one-on-one guidance, we offer a 60-minute no-obligation meeting to help you get started on the right path. We also help you understand some of the different programs available to help seniors get ready for this next phase in life. 


Ready to Hire a REALTOR®:  

If you already have a plan but need a REALTOR® to help you find a home, then this is the option for you! Our process begins by listening carefully to your unique requirements and preferences for your home. We'll then guide you through the local market statistics, making it a breeze to narrow down your choices while using our user-friendly heat maps. Once we've honed in on the right homes, it will be time for the physical showings! 


Don't let the downsizing process overwhelm you. When TruSite customers follow our guidance, we have a track record of helping them secure their property of choice in 2 weeks or less. Let TruSite Realty guide you every step of the way and turn this adventure into a thrilling experience you'll never forget! Get started by selecting the right service for you below.

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Start here if you prefer one-on-one guidance

Ready to Hire a REALTOR®

Hire Realtor Senior Downsizing

Start here if you are ready to hire a REALTOR®

What Customers Say

Before the Purchase

My wife and I have been working with Denise for 6 months now. Denise has helped us with understanding our credit scores and the steps to make improvements. Denise is responsive with answers to our questions and we are currently working through her framework guide to homeownership and looking forward to finding the home of our dreams!

The Bell Family

First-Time Home Buyers

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