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The Confident Home Buyer Tool Kit
10 Steps to Homeownership

"We've wanted to be homeowners for a long time and we are both sick of renting"

"Still looking for a house and it has become very stressful ... and were not sure whether to rent or just buy our 1st home"

"I was wondering what are the general steps in the home-buying process"

If you can relate to any of the situations above or if you just need some tools to help with the home buying process, then start with TruSite Realty's Confident Home Buyer Tool Kit!


This free E-Guide can help you

  • Stay on track with your homeownership goals

  • Ensure you are financially prepared to fully enjoy the benefits of owning a home

  • Improve your chances of getting your offer accepted in a competitive real estate market

Live your life on purpose and get started with Step 1 today!

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Sneak Peek of the E-Guide
Step 1: Create a Timeline
Stay on track with each of the steps to homeownership with an adjustable timeline which is pre-populated with suggested timeframes
Timeline Snapshot.png
Step 3: Understand Your Finances
Ensure you are financially prepared for homeownership with the budgeting and savings calculators and recommended targets
Income Snapshots.png
Budget Snapshots.png
Expenses Snapshots.png
Savings for Homeownership.png
Step 5: Estimate How Much You Can Afford
Identify your target amount using the mortgage calculator with built-in checks for key lender requirements (front and back end debt-to-income ratio)
HomeAfford Input.png
HOmeAfford Breakdown.png
Home Afford Summary.png
The Knowledge Vault
Speed up your preparation and decision-making process by utilizing the blog articles assigned to each step, most can be read in 3–5 minutes
The Knowledge Vault
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