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A REALTOR® who is dedicated to helping you eliminate

the guesswork of Real Estate!

Denise Johnson is often referred to as a "Data Nerd" by family and friends and has a gift for seeing the essential facts of a situation. She aims to fit all the jigsaw puzzle pieces into a complete picture, making it easier for anyone she counsels to make sound and rapid decisions.   

After 10+ years of working for multiple Fortune 500 and 1000 companies across Logistics, Finance, and Marketing, Denise made the leap into the Real Estate Industry, hoping to help others achieve their homeownership desires. She can remember

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Denise has a track record of helping clients secure their property of choice in 2 weeks or less...

4x faster than the typical buyer

purchasing her first home at the age of 23, and it being both a time of joy and stress because she didn't fully understand the process and the implications of owning a home. Since then, she has purchased and sold multiple personal properties, including an investment home that turned from a Rehab to a New Construction project in 2020. She also recently helped her senior parent through the process of downsizing to a more suitable home where they can comfortably age in place. These experiences have inspired Denise's drive to generously impart her ever-growing knowledge to prospective clients, aiming to significantly enhance their journey toward joyful homeownership and a seamless home-selling experience.

When Denise is not busy finding solutions for her customers, she loves attending large get-togethers with friends and family, having international travel adventures with her hubby, being entertained by her lively and playful French Bulldog, Mango and growing her passion for gardening and cooking healthy recipes. 

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