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Navigating Senior Living Options: When Downsizing Wasn't the Best Choice

A senior citizen came to seek guidance on simplifying her living arrangements and determining if downsizing was the right move for her. TruSite Realty was excited to set up a discovery session with her to better understand her goals and preferences for the future. As we delved into her situation, we explored several options for her to consider. From selling and purchasing a smaller home to bridge loans and other financial tools, we left no stone unturned in our search for the perfect fit.

Throughout our quest for the ideal solution, we crunched the numbers of her downsizing options and quickly realized that downsizing might not be her most financially viable option. Her current mortgage payment was low, thanks to a range of tax credits and programs she had worked hard to secure over the years. Also, she would lose specific support programs if she sold her home and downsized, jeopardizing her fixed income stability.

Armed with this information, our client explored other options, including inviting family members to move in and provide support. We were thrilled to have helped her gain clarity and peace of mind during this season of her life. While downsizing may not have been the most financially viable option for her, we were proud to help inspire alternative solutions that would work better for her situation.

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