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From Financial Hurdles to Owning Her Dream Home

After a customer was fed up with the endless cycle of paying rent and dreamed of a place to truly call her own, she contacted TruSite Realty, hoping we could help her achieve her goal. It wasn't long before we realized some obstacles were in her way. But with the expertise and support of TruSite Realty, she had all the tools and guidance she needed to succeed.

First, the customer used the Confident Home Buyer Toolkit calculators and credit improvement tools to get herself prepared. She even worked one-on-one with TruSite Realty to ensure she was on the right track. She used our affordability calculator to see how the interest rate would affect her monthly payments and decided to work with us to get her credit score up to 700 or higher to get a better rate. After following TruSite Realty's advice, the customer's credit score increased by over 100 points!

But that wasn't all! To afford the home she wanted, she needed to make more money. So, she found a job within the same industry she had been in for more than 20 years. The new position required more travel but the same skill set,

earning her a whopping 30% pay increase. The stability of moving to a job that required similar skills within the same industry would show mortgage lenders that she was responsible and had a lower risk of losing her job and ultimately defaulting on her mortgage. This would improve her chances of getting her mortgage approved. She also used our budgeting tool to save over $500 a month by cutting back on unnecessary expenses. With her finances under control, she was approved for a mortgage in no time with a great interest rate.

Most importantly, TruSite Realty helped her find and get a new construction home under contract in less than a week - 8 times faster than the average buyer! After 21 days, she closed on her dream home and was excited about living in her new neighborhood. Now, anytime she passes her old rental apartment, her heart fills with gratitude for the new and improved life she created with TruSite Realty's support.

How TruSite Realty Helped a First-Time Home Buyer

How TruSite Realty Helped this First-Time Home Buyer





Work with TruSite Realty

A lack of preparation before purchasing a home can have significant financial consequences. Connect with us today, and we'll help you achieve your dream home with our easy-to-use and to understand solutions.

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