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The TruSite Buyer

Finding and selecting a home can be a challenging and time consuming process.  Over 50% of buyers in 2018-2019 felt that finding the right property was the biggest hurdle experienced during the search.*  For millennials, the challenge is even greater as more than 60% of buyers cited* the same issue, further highlighting the need for more sophisticated solutions to ease the process.*   

TruSite Realty empowers you, the future home buyer, with the essential information, tools and connections necessary to expedite your decision making process.  We aim to shift buyers from a place of frustration and sometimes confusion to one of confidence.   

Rely on TruSite Realty's comprehensive approach to homeownership. Contact us today for a free 30-minute consultation!

Home Readiness Assistance

Leverage the Confident Home Buyer Tool Kit and the Knowledge Vault to help move you swiftly through the home-buying process

Down Payment Program Guidance

Take advantage of the Down Payment Resource Center and see how many programs match your circumstances

Focused Home   Search

Hire TruSite Realty to access tools to narrow your home search, gain access to immediate listing notifications as well as hot and off-market properties

Click here to search the MLS 

Contractor Selection Counsel

Utilize TruSite Realty's contractor screening tools and access referrals from over 2600 real estate agents and 9 brokers from Virtual Properties Realty

10 Steps to Becoming a Confident Home Buyer

Learn more about the Confident Home Buyer Tool Kit today!

Screen Shot 2020-11-20 at 2.15.18 PM.png
Empower yourself to make informed decisions. Leverage the Confident Hombuyer Tool Kit to improve your position as a buyer
Hire Professionals
Engage the righter partners to help you reach the homeownership goals you set in Steps 1-5

* Copyright ©2020 “2020 Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends Report.” NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission. March, 2020, Link to study

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