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How to Access the MLS

Complete Steps 1–5 of the confident homebuyer tool kit and become a trusite realty client to gain access 

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Details available when granted access

Details available when granted access

Benefits of Planning Before you Start Searching

When a new home is being constructed, blueprints and site plans are often used to keep the project members informed and on track with objectives.  The members will clearly understand what they are building, how they will build it, the timing of each milestone, and the budget associated with the project. This approach ultimately improves their chances of completing the project on time and on budget. Building the home, before they defined a proper plan, will most like result in increased costs and a final home that wouldn't align with their overall vision. 

Similarly, self-preparation as a future homeowner, will be critical to helping you find your target home while staying on budget. Your goals should not only include finding the right home but to also live financially secure after the purchase. According to a 2020 NAR report,* even though buyers spent more than 2 months searching for a home, 7 in 10 buyers still compromised their home selection, mainly in the areas of price, condition, size and style. We believe this is a result of insufficient planning.


TruSite Realty recommends starting the home search after you have created a proper plan, which you can create in Steps 1–5 of the Confident Home Buyer Tool Kit. You will be able to define your homeownership goals and a proper financial budget before you start engaging real estate professionals or searching for a home. Once you have completed the self preparation stage, and you have decided to become a TruSite Realty client, you will gain access to Multiple Listing Services (MLS).  

Learn more about the Confident Home Buyer Tool Kit today! Access and membership are FREE.

You can also check out  How to Make the Home Search Easier​ for more tips on how to be better prepared.

* Copyright ©2020 “2020 Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends Report.” NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission. March, 2020, Link to study

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